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Measure your network speed.


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Networx is a free application for windows that will allow you to see how fast you are downloading and uploading data from the internet.

It has a very simple method of inquiry: simply by clicking on the Networx icon in the system tray you can know the speed with which you are recieving and sending data via the internet.

It also has a window with more detailed information about data transfer, a speed analyzer for your network, a route analyzer, and a screen with information about the network usage of your programs.

In the program options you can chose if you want it to monitor all the system's connections or only those from a specific network adapter.

From this same preference window you can define other parameters, like the information you will receive when you click the system tray icon, the way the program starts up, the graphic mode of the detailed view, and you can even define notifications based on speed and the quantity of data received or sent, and assign to each case an alert or specific action.